Reply To: RSD – my profound discovery


Hello all,

I’m just over 40 years old and formally received my formal diagnosis on all days, Inauguration Day (01/20). Long and short, I always felt that something was off. For awhile, I was able to mostly handle my life, but there were some questionable decisions not limited to taking training to be a car salesman (which I think was fraudulent) and ended up getting in trouble with a credit card, which I am currently paying off. I feel that the COVID situation exacerbated my symptoms. My wife and I are working from home and my son has alternated between hybrid school/staying completely at home.

The very first step started in early September culminating in the above appointment. When I spoke with the specialist, who made my diagnoses, she said something about my “affect,” which caught my attention. So she suspected and confirmed with some additional assessments that I’m, also, on the autism spectrum (everything is rolled into Autism Spectrum Disorder: where I fall would have formerly been called Asperger’s or High-Functioning Autism). In hindsight, neither diagnosis is surprising, when adding up my various traits. The thing is that there was never anything extremely obvious, so neither me nor anybody around me would have suspected either ADHD or ASD. When I divulged my diagnoses to both my wife and immediate family, nobody was surprised.

I guess now I’m just figuring out how to proceed. I have some books that I’ve purchased that are starting to prove useful in helping me to better function: harnessing the good and mitigating the “bad.” I am fortunate that I have supportive people around me, which I know that not everyone is so fortunate.

I just joined the forums today. I guess that I’m just looking to share and learn. This is all new to me.