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I’m struggling with this right now with my current partner of 7 years. He’s been unemployed for 2 years (he’s 31) and last month he was diagnosed with ADHD and started medication. We don’t have a counsellor yet and I am mentally struggling from pushing him so hard all the time to find a counsellor, work, to do things WITHOUT my having to push for it every day.

Some people are saying “if you can’t handle it, then leave” to me and I really don’t want that. This person is literally my best friend and have helped me through the darkest times, I know this is their dark time so what gives me the right to give up on them when I’m sure they’ve had it tough with me before. So I guess I’m just at a loss. If anyone has more advice on this post that’d be great. The biggest thing my partner liked about his old job (farmers market) was the variety in customers and in things to do and the sense of community was huge. Community in a workplace that is GOOD is already hard to find and then you have to find a GOOD community with a job that keeps him interested. So now it’s like he doesn’t even want to try?

Please help