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Penny Williams

What looks like ADHD could be a myriad of other things as well. Even physical ailments. If something is “wrong” it’s always best to have it investigated by a clinician. Treatment (medication, therapy, or other) can help a great deal no matter what your concerns are attributed to. School knowing there are learning challenges (if there are any – ADHD included) also makes a huge difference.

That said, there are many individuals and families who just address the challenges. If you’re not going the medication route, then you don’t necessarily need a diagnosis. You can work to improve emotional skills and procrastination without a diagnosis, for instance.

I personally always choose to seek answers and assistance, I.e. evaluation. Kids are painfully aware when they don’t “fit” and when they’re struggling in ways their peers are not. Absent an explanation, they create their own which is usually that they are broken. 🙁

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