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Thanks for responding, Kerplunk. I realize that I should have title title this differently. I guess I am seeking any kind of help and guidance. I don’t even know what I am asking for. I just feel so at a loss. This has been going on for so long now and it is really affecting my son’s self esteem. His old doctor tried him on Straterra, Adderal and Vyvanse, but he didn’t really feel any effects from it, and really didn’t feel anything at all except when he was put on much to high of a starter dose of Vyvanse. His new doctor specializes in ADHD and has started him on Concerta. He isn’t liking the way the Concerta makes him feel, and so far hasn’t noticed any difference in the mental fogginess and attention problems. Will that improve as he gets used to the meds and gets the right dose?

After 10 years of this and seeing him discouraged without seeing anything that is actually helping, I guess I am just hoping someone can share an experience that helps me to know we are on the right path and that there is hope…that he has a future and will be able to finish college and to have a career and keep a job. With nothing we have tried working, it seems natural to wonder if the diagnosis is correct or not, so any experiences people can share may help us to feel more confident and to know if there is hope that this will get better. I work hard to keep encouraging him, but this is wearing on me, also. It’s hard for a mama to stand by and watch this.