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I used to take vyvanse and switched over to mydayis. I took the 25 for a good like 4 months and then went to the 37.5mg for about a month. I noticed the same, truthfully didn’t feel too much of a difference except a bit more of muscle tightness. Now it’s been about a week for me taking the 50mg of mydayis. I’m thinking of going back down a dose. It’s strange because it’s an up and down experience this week. It feels like at certain parts of the day I never took the medication but at other times it works very well. However, with the 50mg I get dry mouth and just a small bit of anxiety. So far no agitation or anything too overwhelming, but I didn’t have a great experience with vyvanse due to the anxiety issue which led to agitation. So if it persists, I’d rather not take the chance and go down a dose.