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I read your posting on the 9th, I think, and I immediately wanted to write back. But I always write too much, and I owe an ADHD friend of mine in North Carolina a letter, so I’ll be shorter than usual/ I identify with you in so many ways. Vyvanse is also my preferred drug and it works wonderfully but is crazy expensive!

I do this: type in ‘Vyvanse Coupon’ in your phone/laptop/whatever. You’ll immediately pull up sites where you can
get a coupon for a significant amount off of Vyvanse- I believe the coupon for $60 is the best you can get. I think.
Scan the coupon into your phone, unless you are really like me
and keep a cheap flip phone w/out Internet, in which case you just run off the coupon on a printer, (even if you have to use one at FedEx, you can always find a printer, right)? Take it to your pharmacist and they can scan the coupon code into their computer, and you can get $60 off your Vyvanse for at least six months in a row. If you do this, I would go ahead and keep a copy of the coupon with you when you get your meds every month. Occasionally, I’ve had a situation where a pharmacist intern scanned and used the code, but forgot to enter it for me so I’d have it for the next five months also.

I just re-started my Vyvanse-THANKS, UNIVERSE!-so I am back to the lowest dose-20 mg, even though I had been on the higher dose of 70 mg a few years ago. This coming month, my psych and I plan to up it to 30 mg, and I anticipate upping the dose to 50 mg a day before too many months go by.

The reason I’m mentioning that is two-fold.
(1):It doesn’t matter what dose you are taking, the coupon will cover $60 off the prescription if your insurance won’t cover it, and every monthly dose is super expensive…mine at only 20 mg was going to cost me $310, so I ended up paying $250. Still too much…and
(2) You can then write to the Vyvanse people at the Shire Pharmaceutical Company. Explain to them that you’ve used their product, you really like it, it works great for you, but because of your moving, job situation, poor insurance, etc. there is no way you can afford to buy it, and would they please send a ‘Shires Cares’ card to you? You will need to have a note from your doctor/psychiatrist stating that yes, they want to prescribe Vyvanse for you, and some proof of your income. There are different ways, easy ways of “proving” your income-because I haven’t worked in three plus years, I simply have my boyfriend type up a paper for me that basically says, yes, I am low, low income, and he supports me.
When I did this about a year ago, I got a plastic ‘Vyvanse Cares’ card in about a month-which I think, is worth a year of free Vyvanse-just show your card at the pharmacy every month when you pick up Vyvanse!
As soon as I ZOOM with my psychiatrist on the 28th of this month, I’ll be doing the same to get my card. I do have an old ‘Shire Cares’ card in my wallet right now from over a year ago…but it’s proof they really work! This is my lovely new psychiatrist, so I need to ask her for her ‘letter of support’ so I can, again, get free Vyvanse.

Oh…you can reach the right website for the Shire Cares card by just typing ‘Shire Cares’ into your phone/laptop!
See, what I mean about me typing too much info?
I’ll be thinking of you. My boyfriend works for CarMax. Also on the phone all day, also no commission, also now having to work from home because of Covid, also hates his job and never gets out anymore AT ALL,( because he kindly lets me go do all the shopping).. I would drown too, if I had to be home all day, every day. Even one day home ALL day can throw me for a loop.
Best to you!!