Reply To: Arizona?


Hi! I’m over in Rimrock, AZ. I was diagnosed at a younger age, but now as an adult, I’m exploring a handful of diagnoses for both new and old conditions (Anxiety, depression, PTSD, possible tic disorders, and a load of other things the symptom checker picked up). I support families in California, many of which have kiddos with ADHD and other conditions. Sometimes we don’t realize how ADHD is affecting us and the way we think/live until we finally put a name to it, or it’s a struggle to put words around what we’re experiencing to explain it to others! Or, in my case, dealing with stereotypes that family members have put together based on my behaviors that are hard to break out of (messy space, short attention span, leaving things around the house because i’ve forgotten they’re there). I’m always happy to provide support!