Reply To: Vyvanse increasing blood pressure

Guvna McBacon

@mollymay12 Keep going through the different types of meds if they’re not feeling right with a psychiatrist specialized in ADHD. ADHD and anxiety are just terms for a bucket of behaviors. They don’t define what is actually going on. It’s all brain chemistry. At this point, I’m not aware of any common way that a psychiatrist can define the exact brain-chemical can make-up, which is why different meds work worse or better for different people. For example, I landed on dextroamphetamine and now take Vyvanse. My son was on Adderall, but when puberty hit him it wasn’t as effective and so he went through a number of other meds before finding that Focalin worked the best. My approach is to work with an LMHC on a bi-weekly to monthly basis for counseling and check in with a psychiatrist every three months for just meds management. That way you get the best of both worlds and I’m lucky that my medical insurance covers both.

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