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I’m 25 years old and just got my diagnosis a month ago with moderate ADHD and severe ADD
I’m not as hyperactive as I was as a kid because I’ve learned coping skills.

But I have this problem, I hate it! I will know what I’m going to say before the other person is done talking and then get distracted and forget some words or the names of things, sometime even what I was going to say totally. Usually I’m not even on topic because they will change what we are talking about mid sentence and I’ll still not keep up. Or ramble.

I have a hard time remembering words or these huge words will come to mind and I’ll be insecure because I don’t know if I’m using the right word. Usually the person will correct me nicely or help me finish my sentence.

it’s like I’m stuck in my mind. A deer in the head lights. The more nervous or over stimulated I am the worse it is.

When I’m on my meds they usually calm me down so I can think straight but I still notice I forgot the words to things or forget how to say them. Just not as often.

I did have a good education but it was really hard to focus in school so my grades weren’t very good. When I was in elementary I was reading at a 2nd grade level in 4th grade because I didn’t want to sit still and learn. I was in special ed… you think they would have known that I had adhd. They just said my parents needed to discipline me more and sit down with me and make sure I practice.
I was not good at school until highschool and college when I learned more coping mechanisms.

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