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The fact tht U used the phrase, “well managed ADHD” blew my mind right away! I didn’t kno such a thing existed, really!

I’ve been married for ovr 24yrs & I hav put my Wife & Relatives thru a lot, mostly due 2 NOT knowing wht was going on within myself, ADHD & on the spectrum. But evn aftr gettng a little help & guidance, it didn’t do anyting 4 my marriage. It’s been fairly dead 4 ovr 10yrs now…. I’ve experienced a real relationship of communication, sharing & genuine joy in their company with another Woman since. But our situations doesn’t go well with the faith I strive 2 keep since childhood. So the relationship was ended. Broke my heart. But it was the right thing 2 do. And evn in my worship I caused waves unintentionally, & still do now whn doing my best NOT 2 cause waves. .

Meds are helpful, I guess, but not so much with me, really. I’m desperetley lonely, bored, ovrwhelmd & always sad or depressed (pandemic didn’t help any). But I hav no money or anywhere else 2 go. And I’ve concluded tht there’s no one out there 4 ME, so I’m STUCK n ths miserable life. So, I try 2 occupy myself with other worthwhile things, make new friends (a task all in itself) & be the best Husband/Father I can be & pray 4 help to get thru the day.

As U seem 2 be accepting of your Boyfriend’s condition & efforts, and U both wrk togethr n making things wrk – I hav high hopes 4 U! Tht seems 2 be the Key – Both b willing 2 wrk together, forgiv (a LOT), communicate, share whts n your hearts (with no one else) & hav reasonable expectations, thn I imagine U will both do fine. Definitely better than me & mine, thts 4 sure. I wish the best 4 U…