Reply To: Lets Laugh!


ADD mum that story has really made me laugh 😂😂😂

I’ve only just been diagnosed with adhd so I’m thinking of how past things are likely adhd related but we never knew. Most likely with talking too much/shouting out/talking loud.
When I was 4 we were on holiday in America, I’m from the UK and I said really loudly in the middle of a store ‘mother, father have you heard how these people talk’ in a very dodgy American accent 🤭😬 my parents still tease me about it now and I’m 35 😂😂
Another time in America me and my mum were talking and a family friend was sat there and said ‘it sounds so lovely but I have no idea what you two are talking about’ 😂😂 we talk so fast and this chap was real laid back and slow talking 😁

Kerrplunk – I’ll have a look at those comedians think I know Lee Mack but not the other chap 😁