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My Background of Concussions/ADHD:
I’m sorry to hear about the concussion and its impact on your ADHD. I’m 27 years old now and suffered 2 or 3 sports-related concussions in high school that I recovered from after a few weeks. At the start of 2017, I was in a car accident and suffered a TBI. It took about 1 year of hard work to get back to being able to function and interview/apply to a competitive office job as an analyst on computers all day. I wasn’t my full self for about 2 years after the crash, at which point I suffered a concussion in the office (weird). It felt like someone threw a monkey wrench in my brain’s gears and after 2 weeks, returned back to work (too early). I was diagnosed with depression after that concussion and still deal with it even though that was 2 years ago. It complicated my ADHD symptoms for sure.

Headache Solution:
One thing I can HIGHLY recommend is purchasing yourself a pair of Blue Light blocking glasses. I wear them anytime I’m looking at screens (phone, computer, etc.) and it has been a godsend. Without the glasses, I couldn’t look at a computer screen without getting headaches. You can easily find/purchase a pair on Amazon for around $20.

Energy/Motivation/Mood Solution:
One of the most helpful things I did for my general mood and energy/motivation levels got in the gym on a regular basis, which helped a ton. More recently, I’ve been just doing cardio (running) and have been surprised by how much this has helped me. I went from running two miles or so, up to 27 on one random day. After running the 27 miles (because I was bored/depressed at the start of covid), I felt like a new man and it literally changed my mood significantly for the better the following day and to the present. You can listen to audiobooks for self-help while you’re running to not get bored. I also found that when I ran, the info of the audiobooks sunk into my brain more.

Energy/Motivation/Mood/Insomnia/Anxiety/Depression/Basically Everything Solution:
In addition to running, I most highly recommend practicing the Wim Hof guided breathing technique (there are 10 min Youtube videos that guide you through the breathing). It’s meant to be done in an ice bath or cold shower (I do shower and worked my way up to cold water). The science backs this and has changed what scientists believed was possible. Wim Hof created this technique to help with the depression he suffered after his wife passed. He had no energy and was lost and just depressed. In practicing his technique, he was able to flip his life around and is now basically superhuman. The technique helps reset your body’s natural biology and helps with energy, resetting the sleep cycle, anxiety, depression, motivation, and focus. If you’re apprehensive to try this with cold water, you can start without and then work your way to it. What’s the worst that can happen, you get a little cold and waste a little water… I told this to my buddy and that was enough to convince him to start trying the technique, which he has greatly benefitted from like countless others.

Nutrition Solution To Support Energy Levels/Anxiety Alleviation:
It may also be worth going to a nutritionist to help optimize your diet, which fuels your brain. I did this after my bad car crash and it was super helpful. They ran tests to see where I was deficient in certain vitamins/minerals/etc. and see what toxins (metals like aluminum, etc.) were in my system. I found out I had a lot of aluminum in my system, which is detrimental to the brain and as a result of well using aluminum foil on most food I made and also apparently from smoking spliffs (nicotine and cannabis joint [former medical marijuana patient]). The diet makes a huge difference and I also found my adrenal system was out of whack, which the nutritionist helped get back on track. One of the supplements she had me take for my adrenals (controls energy, etc.) was L-Tyrosine (amino acid). For my anxiety, she had me taking high-grade Kava Kava supplements, to replace the Ativan I was on that was slowing my recovery.

Guidance Solution That Changed My Life and Made Me Feel Like ME!:
I was blown away by how much I benefitted from meeting with renowned Life Coach/Hypnotist, Rick Cicetti. He is results-oriented and a genuine caring guy, who wants you to succeed and who I can now call my friend and mentor. If he doesn’t think he can help with your unique situation, he won’t take you on as a client, because he is that results-oriented (he will offer/recommend other people who may be a better fit to help you). He does 50-minute sessions over zoom, which I must say have changed my life and my family and friends (and myself) all noticed a remarkable change in me for the better. After a few sessions, I started to feel like the real me (before all the head injuries, etc.). He is the BEST. Rick’s background is spectacular/fascinating, from acting in the original Die Hard, to becoming Tony Robbins’ first Platinum Training, to working with renowned meditation guru Depak Chopra, to working with CEOs and businesses to help with their needs, the list goes on.

I know this is a lot and you may not see is that this was an older post, but thought sharing my experience may be able to help. Peace and Love, Peace and Love…