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I can relate to almost all of your symptoms that you have listed. I have an ADHD diagnosis. I am an older female who in the last few years sought out a professional diagnosis as my symptoms eventually got out of my control due to anxiety issues that came with my symtoms. I ended up seeking help in order to continue to achieve the ability to act as a comfortably functioning person….. leading to my feeling the need to respond. I agree with the statement “The only way to know if it’s ADHD for sure is to seek a professional evaluation.” It is important to seek out professional assistance in order to achieve a full diagnosis, which could take time. This is best approach in order to find the best way to select or access appropriate coaching, counselling or medication. You may very well have overlapping conditions, as a you also mentioned bipolar. If you are coping and managing to keep your life on track and you feel productive, competent and content, then maybe a diagnosis is not necessary for you. In reading your comment, sounds like you are curious about the symptoms and are looking to put a label on them, but that you are managing alright. I could be reading this incorrectly, but if that’s the case, then just keep recognizing your symptoms in order to create and/or continue with the coping strategies that work best for you. If it’s manageable, that’s great, keep doing what you are doing and be true to yourself and work with your strengths, it doesn’t matter what others think. It’s you that counts and if you are figuring out how you function best, that is fantastic, keep it up. Why get a diagnosis? ~ which is just my opinion. However, if you are struggling and finding it difficult /exhausting / overwhelming etcetera, then seek out professional assistance in order to get a formal diagnosis, and the help you deserve. Not sure if this answers your question but hope it helps in some way. All the best to you on your journey.

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