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Whatever your son is interested in, you two can create a hobby around it.
Planes, rocks, fish, Native American culture, WW II, sports cars, fossils, dinosaurs, music, other just is infinite the interests he might have that he can start learning more about. Are you familiar with the hardback Time Life series of books for children? These somewhat oversize books with amazing pictures all focus on one subject per book.

The amount of information they contain is astounding, and the bulk of it is pictures. So even if your son isn’t into reading, he would be entertained by the pictures alone. Some of the ones I’ve seen that might pique the interest of a ten year old boy:
Submarines, Martial Arts, Spies and Spying, Any type of Sports, Magic and Magicians…
Your local library should have access to many of these through inter-library loan.
They are a bit pricey to just buy at a local bookstore or online, but if you have a second hand bookstore, you might find some incredibly inexpensive. I have found several “like new” at our local Half-Price Bookstores, in the CLEARANCE section, for just $2.00.
They are so cool that adults often get into them as much as a child would. The information they offer on any subject contains enough to cover interests of a four year old, (pictures!), to a high school student, and beyond.
If your son begins to have the “collecting bug”, he could collect items around his interest…figures, books, you tube videos, songs, pictures, online articles. If he becomes interested in something in nature, like rocks, minerals, trees, insects, or gardening, then you really have it made. He can actually go outside and find the things he’s interested in, and learn how to label and store them.
There may very well be collector’s groups online that he could join to further his interest.
If he has any of that ADHD oh-so-typical “hyperfocus” going on, take advantage of it!

just thoughts from a
children’s librarian