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Hi there.

I never had a child with ADHD, but I am 60, and have a child without ADHD, who is 33. Oh…I myself, have severe ADHD.

This is a tough question, because your guy is only 10, but he’s approaching the dreaded “middle school age”.
I know he’s young, but I would give a great deal of consideration to what HE wants to do. He may not be sure yet what he wants. Can you guys visit both schools a couple of times, to get a better feel for them?
Maybe have a family meeting or two about the decision? Listing the positives and negatives.
I do think it’s very normal for your son to rebel about some of his homework. How many of us really liked all the subjects and assignments while we were in school?
I think it’s wonderful that you have both worked out homeschooling, and that he was able to thrive in that situation, but I tend to agree about your decision to move him back into a school environment next year. The social adjustment to others his age is so important, and often kids with ADHD have a hard time socially anyway.
Personally, I think I would tend toward trying him in a micro school environment next year, and changing that if you need to later. It might be good to have the homeschooling, which he is used to, for some days in the week.
Those are just a few thoughts of mine about your situation.
I’d be very interested to find out his desires, hopes and fears about the next school