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Le Petite Morte

Oh thank you so much for this feedback Kerplunk.

Ok the weed thing, it’s really not an issue in the grand scheme of things. It’s just all day and the problem we have it’s not legal in the UK so your not essentially getting an informed choice like you so in the states. It’s usually just street brought.

And yes I agree! It’s a magic one for Add/Hd just wish the culture would change in my country.

The acid is something that’s done like maybe every few months. It tends to happen when he is down and wanting to escape.

Like I said he knows very little about what his ADd means for him. Even though he got the label in the 90’s. He’s had horrible life events since leaving home with a toxic partner and it’s screwed up or brought out maybe the more negative sides of ADD.

When I read about Rejection sensitivity Dysphoria on this site, that for example was a EUEka moment. I think even if he knew about this freebie that ADHD people get for free I am more than sure it would be a light bulb moment.

What is concerning is the length of the ignoring 2 months, from what I can see it should only be a short period. This is more seemingly like a mood issue.

Going up in the new year with my housemate as we live apart. My housemate knows him and gets on brilliantly so we are going to try him being the negotiating point of this.

Ultimately he’s my forked there is over a decade of friendship. If this had been some guy off tinder I would just sack him off and not care.

But this isn’t the person I know. He can get support for free from him doctor but also from
His university.

I want to still be friends I can’t be in a relationship with this behaviour going on. It’s too the extreme. And it’s so damaging to both parties involved.

Im going to try the route of the doctors but I can’t take him to the doctors due to Covid rules and we don’t live in the same town I don’t know his doctor. He can get support also in other places so I wonder get him there first and then let them work on him getting to the doctors. We will mention it to him but he needs to take that step himself.

It’s just heartbreaking really. He is a good person he’s just had so much trauma the last 6 years that I think that this has triggered the behaviours. These were not there befor and he comes form a loving family who supports him he’s just can’t see it and hides a lot of it from people.
Just thank you so much for your solid advice! And have a happy holiday season where ever you are in the world ❤️