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I too am an adult female who was just diagnosed! Went through all the feelings as well. What led me to diagnosis was re-starting therapy because of having anxiety attacks related to a job change. The new job requires switching context constantly, listening to people one on one, planning/organization and long complex tasks. I started therapy and happened to mention that I tend to be an “obsessive” person — obsessing about whatever is my latest interest and using it as a distraction from work. My new therapist mentioned ADHD and after our session I googled it. When I read the description I felt like I was reading a list of my ‘personality traits’. I’ve always been known as messy, disorganized, impulsive, daydreaming, starting and quitting hobbies/interests, ‘lazy’. What really clicked was the symptom of not being able to pay attention to someone speaking directly to you… my most common marital fight from my husband that I’m ‘not paying attention to him’, even if I have nothing to be distracted with. Got tested and sure enough got diagnosed. I’ve hired a coach and started testing meds to help!