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I just got prescribed for Adderall IR due to ADHD diagnosis end of last month. And sadly, my insurance through my work only goes through select pharmacies and Walgreens is the major one. So I got this filled at Walgreens for the generic made by Lannett and it is horrible. First couple days were great. Then the side effects kicked in. Really bad nausea, cold fingers and toes, and migraines. Doc told me to lower my mg in half and still getting the effects. Didn’t realize there were so many different generic manufacturers for this. I am lucky and have family who are on it (but got theirs through CVS) for the same mg and their generic ones make them a lil nauseous, but nothing intolerable, plus my mom swears by it. They let me try a couple of theirs and the side effects weren’t there. But since my insurance only allows those certain pharmacies I might have to see if my doctor can put me on the actual Adderall and get it covered by insurance due to these horrible side effects.