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I want to thank all of you that have posted your experiences. I too found my self on 20mg XR gen sub adderall by Actavis Elizabeth and a 10 IR by northstar and I too experienced covid like body symptoms, I was falling asleep throughout the day, brain fog beyond belief, slurred speech, and could hardly function to work for the week I was taking these, I was almost in 2 accidents if my car didnt have auto breaking I would have been. I did file a medwatch on the medications. But I got wombo combo’ed by actavis and northstar. During this time I would hardly speak to any one, it was hard keeping up with regular conversation. I was speaking with my Dr today and this was all confirmed to be linked to these manufacturers. I have name brand xr’s and got sandoz for the IR. Why is there not a lawsuit against this shit. I cant imagine what effects these manufacturers are having on peoples lives to make a few more bucks by cutting corners at the expense of others.