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The book most helpful to me was Sari Solden’s book on ADHD and Women. I’ve forgotten the exact title, of course, even though I must have bought it at least four times, because I underline it a lot, then give it away to my current shrink or other interested persons. But I believe it’s on the list of “The Ten Best Books for ADHD”…or something like that, that shows up whenever you’re reading blogs or Discussion Forum postings. Plus, I think Sari Solden is one of the contributors to the ADDitude website.
Also loved “Driven To Distraction”…but I didn’t get as much out of “Delivered From Distraction”…its follow-up. Maybe I wasn’t ready for that second book when I tried it, but it sounds like you are!
Try listening to William Dodson’s podcasts; the way he describes the ADHD brain is, to me, spot on.