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Sharing your experience is a great way to help us all learn. Like I have said before, find your ways to cope with your ADD. Understand it when it flares up and don’t be afraid to tell your little people to shut up when needed. For those moments when you have trouble recalling things like names, write it down. It will help. Use your phone to keep notes of important information you may need for later. I worked in IT for 40 years. I was a systems administrator, a data analysis and a network administrator. No, I never went to school for any of this. If I can do all of this without formal education, you can surely do as well with schooling. The key is to pick something you love and don’t ever give up. Having ADD and reading problems will never go away. so I leave you with the Marine credo “IMPROVISE, ADAPT AND OVERCOME.

And always take a minute to laugh out loud at some of the things your little people come up with.