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This is a story about me to mate. word 4 word!. I am curently unemployed. have been for 14 years dew to my ADHD. I am going to embark on ann ITcourse to chainge the direction of my life. I am an artist, but when I tryed to go freelance and do it as a job!!!!! lol… you know the rest.

This is is how i spell, my reading is exactly the same as yours. The wayb you described your reading is word for word how it is for me.
I know I am dyslexic i was dagonosed when i was a kid!. But only just diagnosed with ADHD 3 years ago.

I am going to do a story of my life too like you have done, I had this idea one week ago. So when I seen your story! Yes, It helped me when i read it and has boosted my motivation to get on and do myown.

Also, I am trying to desid what part of IT to go into, My frend has offred to put me on a aprentiship. … Well, atleast the online cours part. I wont be actually working witch is not good, as I want the work experiance. But we are thinking of ways around that. Any way I have a one shot at making the right disishion in choosing the corect course… I am thinkinng Inferstructure Techition…. But what do you think? What dose that involve in the most bacic need to doos. I like trouble shooting IT problems from hardwhare to softwhare. I dont want to do a 1-2nd line support role as the wages are minimal and I feel I can do better than that. Networks are something I want to get into… But Math and english is not my strong point as you can see… Any way. Thanx 4 sharing your story. It is good to read about other people who suffer like me.