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Thanks for reading my post. Just wanted to throw in a note about ADD. If you have it now, you have had it all your life. For me, I was born in a time where no one new much about this. There is no cure as of yet. You need to develop ways to cope with it. Also, keep in mind that others in your family also may have it or a related condition. For example, being Bi-polar. My mother was bi-polar and never knew it. It was only after she died from this condition that I found enough information on the internet to explain what was causing her deep depression.

Something else you should know, people with ADD are very creative. This makes them good problem solvers. Sometimes, it pays to give the little people something to do. When they are happy, they leave you alone to get important things done. Now, what do you give them to do ? If you like to listen to music, play the stuff you love to listen to. I play mine really loud sometimes. Learn something new. Not school stuff. Find something that surprises you. Something curios. I do this by reading news articles on the internet or just surfing key words to see what comes up. Sometimes I fact check crap on Facebook just to see if is really true.

Just Remember. FEED THE LITTLE PEOPLE! They get hungry too.

Have a great day.