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Thanks for this post.
I have an appointment for assessment in January 😁
I’m going to read up about the links between dyslexia and add as I often mispronounce long or unusual words and couldn’t cope without spell checker and my mum proof reading my assignments when I was at Uni!!
I have always managed well academically but struggled with revision and not leaving everything until the last minute (I do this at work too 🙈) also I either remembered things or I didn’t and no matter how hard I tried somethings just wouldn’t stick!!
It has taken me a long time to understand how I learn and work best, I’m still working on it tbh
I enjoy your idea of all the little people in your head, I can definitely understand that!!
I have to have the TV or radio on whilst I’m working to help me focus/concentrate. My colleagues and family don’t understand how I can get work done, I’ve always needed background noise and get bored soooooo quickly if sitting in silence.
I have spurts of activity, I guess hyper focus and other times where I cannot focus no matter how hard I try!!
Bit of a rambling reply but I took a lot from your post thanks for sharing 😁