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I am currently awaiting a full assessment but hoping (sounds odd to be hoping for diagnosis of a disorder) I will be seen and diagnosed within a few months.

I talk A LOT and this has caused issues in my current and previous job. About 2 years ago or more a colleague jokingly suggested that I might have ADHD, I was really offended, this was due to my own misconceptions of ADHD and thinking it was mainly boy with a lot of energy not adults!
About a year ago a friend and colleague was diagnosed with ADHD and I was so shocked, she suggested I might also have it, we are quite similar in a lot ways but also quite different. At the time I dismissed it and only looked in to it a little bit, I saw some similarities to what I experienced but didn’t think I needed to do anything about it.
Cut to now where I’ve been looking into ADD and emotional hyperarousal and I wish I’d noticed years ago and looked for support/diagnosis. However, it wasn’t until I started my new career where organisation and prioritising is a major part of the job and has really affected my ability to do well. I have been going through low level disciplinary due to not completing task and struggling to get used to all the forms that need completing (it’s not logical and they are all on different systems).
Due to this and having some time off work through the summer due to ‘anxiety state’ I started to look in to ADD again as my work was slipping again, I was feeling exhausted forcing myself to get back on task and not starting a different task BUT I wasn’t feeling anxious just exhausted.
I have discussed my referral for assessment with my senior at work and hope this will help them understand how and why I work the way I do. I have also applied for a new job, hoping to hear about an interview this week, which is a bit more fast paced but I will be able to focus on a smaller number of tasks and have deadlines.
Since looking into ADD I can see so many experiences through out my life that are perfect examples of what I’m experiencing now but I have always just been chatty, a bit disorganised and a bit messy but until recent years it hasn’t had such an impact on all areas of my life so I’ve been able to mask without knowing it, assume it’s how everyone else feels and not ever thought there was anything specific to diagnose.

I hope you are getting on well as your initial post was from 2 years ago 😊

Hopefully I’ll be able to update on the forum once I have a diagnosis or find out I have something completely different 😂

Thanks for reading the long post, I know I tend to skip long posts so thanks for sticking with me!!