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I have the same. It’s a strange way to feel…Sometimes Introvert… Sometimes Extrovert. What I would do for a live concert right now surrounded by people, but right now I also feel the most stable and calm than I’ve ever had in my life now that I’ve been working from home and social distancing.

I do believe that being in social situations requires me to ‘hype up’ and go at it with everything I got. Smiling, laughing, and trying to have witty things to say. I think it’s a rush because it’s a challenge I’ve learned to ‘ace’ after a childhood of awkwardness… and then afterward I’m exhausted. Then I don’t want to see anyone for weeks till I’m rested. Definitely makes it hard to maintain a middle road. In my 20’s I really pushed myself hard to make up for my social inadequacies. People expected me to be engaged at all times and I really didn’t take care of myself by listening to my energy levels by trying to keep it up. I knew that once I was out I would ‘have fun’ and my energy would return. Now I know it was definitely the dopamine.