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I can relate to this post a lot. My sister tried concerta (she is actually still on it) and it doesn’t seem to help at all. She is less prone to temper tantrums, but she still can’t focus and she still makes mess and zones out and displays typical ADD symptoms, including being unable to stop talking.
She is on a 32 mg concerta/guanfacine (intuniv) combo, but I don’t really see much change in her behaviour. She switched to concerta after she couldn’t swallow the ritalin pills, but my personal opinion is that the concerta (or possibly the combo of drugs) is causing some OCD-like behaviors without altering many of the ADHD ones. Lately she has beeg unable to leave our house without ten kilos of unnecessary stuff, and she needs to fix peoples hair if it is messed up.
I don’t know if that is the drug, I am by no means an expert on anything, but when she skips days of her medication (which happens rarely) she seems to be happier and more engaged. A few times she has skipped the concerta dose in the morning because it interferes with her sleep pattern if she takes it too late, and she acts happier and is better at socialising (making eye contact, being able to stop in the middle of a sentence, etc)
I don’t know much about concerta except what it says on the internet, and I would be really interested to know if your son has any of this, so I can understand my sister’s behaviour on concerta a little bit more.