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Hi seascat,

I don’t know how I missed your posting from the 26th, but I am so glad to say “hi” this evening. (Won’t be awake long…I figure I really should go to bed very soon, since it’s after 2 am).
I am always excited to hear of another older person with ADHD. There are a TON of us it seems! I’m 60, and I diagnosed myself at age 45, then I was finally “officially” diagnosed when I was 50.

It sounds exciting that you are meeting back up with someone you used to know and date. Wherever the relationship goes, that is one more connection in your life, and I think that’s so needed.

I am not good at “friend” relationships, and boy do I miss a few I’ve had over the years. Mostly the friendships have fallen apart due to geography. as I’ve moved a good bit, and lived in eight different states just in the last 15 years. But the person who was my favorite person ever, is still near me in my city, and it hurts terribly that it seems she no longer wants to spend time with me. The “why” of that is complicated, but there’s no doubt that a part of the problem was that I was just too needy. (Which is embarrassing to admit).
On the bright side of life, I’ve always had a lot of luck in romantic relationships. I’ve got happy memories of several past boyfriends, and a sincere love for a super guy who loves me back despite my irritating ADHD-ness. We’ve been together over a kind of rocky, but exciting 11 years now.
Treasure your friends and explore your relationship with the new/old boyfriend. Who knows how much fun you may have?
Remember that you aren’t really alone. There are a lot of us in similar, lonely situations. If you ever need to vent, my email is: Now, I figure if I’m not supposed to post an email address, they will probably just not post this!