Reply To: RSD – my profound discovery


Super painful subject. I have high hopes that the book by Dr. Brene’ Brown , Daring Greatly , can change your outlook and life as much as it has impacted mine . She is a shame / vulnerability researcher & her TED talk is one of the most viewed in the history of TED talks .
It’s right up our alley of all that we suffer with with being so sensitive. I hope you’ll at least listen to her Ted talk and attempt the book , it’s available on audible. Please let me know if it frees you from this emotional bondage. It had strong healing powers for me . I hope it can do the same for you all , so we can get back to changing the world like only gifted ADD& ADHD people can do ! Multitasking/ multitalented risk taking amazing inventors and forward thinkers . You struggle bc you’re BRILLIANT, not WRONGLY wired!
This is some great mind work and healing stuff . Especially to the woman who said she’s now shut down .
I beg you to read it and share if it’s rekindled your fire !
We take risks to be impulsive and genius… turn your thinking around if you can , this is a GIFT !
We can heal the younger generations if we spread the message and learn to Dare Greatly !
Good luck & hope you find your fire again soon! This is a tragedy!