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I just got my prescription filled ( I usually go to cvs, but this time I went to Kroger because it was cheaper). I was not noticing anything. I was getting so frustrated, so i decided to compare the bottles to see if there was a difference. There definitely was a change- this batch is from ZYDUS. Oh wow, when I tell you this is the worst medicine. It doesn’t matter how much I take, I don’t noice anything but major migraines, and lethargy. With my last refill, which was by EPIC pharmaceuticals I could take half of my 30 and notice a difference.
I am so frustrated with this manufacturer that I am trying to contact my doctor to see if they will write me a new script to get the other kind. I hope they will, because if not I am so screwed.

Moral of the story: pay attention to who manufactures the meds, and stay away from Zydus!