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Hi! So happy you found relief. For me it’s been so frustrating, as I have a high tolerance to everything…the doctor knows this, he sees this, and I have been with him for a year and we might have found the right combination but I know it’s not enough.
I am on 50mg Vyvanse, and Zenzedi 15/mg twice a day. I either need to up the Vyvanse and/or the Zenzedi. He said no on upping the Zenzedi but I just called in, had to talk to his nurse, have her ask him if I can take 3 a day of the Zenzedi because I have rollercoaster syndrome (as hubby calls it) where it takes about two hours for the Vyvanse to kick in; the Zenzedi takes about an hour. It is all good until afternoon. Vyvanse works for about 8 hours as opposed to the 12 it says. I get up early, start my day about 4am, up til about 11pm so from about 2-3pm I slump and come down bad, then feel crappy until I go to bed.
I have taken it long enough to know that it works, just not enough.
It’s so stressful that I have to do this dance, and it’s yes or no- no explanation although usually it’s “the recommended dosage” and he won’t go over it. He’s the only doctor in my area that will treat ADD; he mostly treats children but also some adults.
I live in a small town so for doctors here, you get what you get unless you want to drive 2 hours to the specialists.
If you are on Vyvanse or Zenzedi can you tell me your experiences with it?
I’ve been on Ritalin, Adderall, Focalin, and a few others with big long names lol; Focalin worked but it wasn’t enough, added ritalin, but did that same rollercoaster, so here I am with Vyvanse happy for the most part, but not quite there yet.
Looking forward to hearing from you guys.
If you stayed with this read this long thank you!
I miss doing my crafts and reading books like I used to do!!