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Dr. Eric

First, remember that the medication is in a tug of war with the things that are attacking your attention. So is everything else but the medication doing ok? Work stress? Overall health? Sleep? Relationships? etc.? If any of those are out of whack, the Adderall will not work as well.

Second, without knowing your age, the weight gain will kick for everyone between mid-30’s to ’40’s… just ask any male in their ’40’s how many Facebook/Google/Twitter/Instagram ads they get from “anti-aging” clinics pushing testosterone therapy.
Currently, I am 48, average 12000 steps a day, I average 180 minutes of intensive exercise/week with low intensity mixed in spread across 1-2 sessions of MMA/week, 1-2 Tri training sessions/week, 1-2 weight sessions per week, and 2-3 20 minute yoga sessions.

For the meds…
I have taken primarily methylphenidate since 1993.
My tolerance definitely went up over time, but I was lucky to be really receptive to low dosages in the beginning.

I did do one year where I tried Strattera (very little positive effect, headaches) and Adderall (same benefit as methylphenidate, but more of a roller coaster in terms of highs and lows).

In the end, the only thing that really works for me is time away. I only take my meds at work unless I have something big for chores at home (taxes (full dose) or bills (half dose)).

I never take it on days off, and I try to take half doses or nothing on easy days.
I never take it when I travel.

This is all done with the oversight and communication with my MD.