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Coming to this late, but for any other ADHD partners out there: My partner and I have ADHD but we’re older than you guys. I would say, keep reminding yourself that the worry is probably part of your condition, anxiety is commonly comorbid with ADHD. Which means the issues is split between your condition and his behaviour, but who’s right about it ? Sometimes an outside view is helpful in such cases.
Also that there are two ways to go, medicated/therpay or not. ADHD is a spectrum so again it’s debatable which way is best, different for each person.

My partner and I both have managed without medication as we were diagnosed only recently. But my natural coping mechanisms, of which I have loads, don’t hit the spot anymore so I’ve decided to get help and she hasn’t. If I nag her, that’ partly my bad, because who’s to know what the best way is. However, we now have an agreement that if our behaviour effect others we will then get help regardless. Trouble is her nagging does effect me, but as we ADHDers are sensitive to critisum and good a denial, how do I point this out to her ? We both have anxiety comorbid with the ADHD. So I know the nagging is an anxiety thing, and currently It’s not unbearable so we’ll see. That’s how we’ve approached it, we’ve been together around a year also. I hope that helps. Anyone else out there in an ADHD relationship ?

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