Reply To: RSD – my profound discovery


Thanks for your reply Kerplunk! I think ThaT👆is a FABULOUS IDEA! WE SHOULD form that..
LiVinG LiFe LaTe with ADD.🤗 Awesome idea! ..
I have alot to say with these issues YeT..I just spent or rather WASTED close to an hour on another forum and ..just MY luck🙄it didnt post..BUT..I would love to further discuss some ideas with you. I did want to thank you for your feedback..oh and also let you know I agree with the nature walks. I take my dog on hikes. Although he pulled me down on Saturday after another dog. Making me fall! Lol I’m sure I got a big dose of SEROTONIN from ThaT! Lol..
So I will get back with you ASAP..
Its pushing 3am and I’ve been TRYING to get more sleep and NoT stay up til SunRise! Have a great day! Yakatcha sooner than Later!🙋‍♀️