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Been on Adderall for about 11+ years now. 4 20mg Adderall 4 times a day. I switched to drinking only water about 6 yrs ago.(no soda, energy drinks, ect) Until about 9 Months ago I still drank appx. 3 light beers in the evening b4 bed.
Suddenly I started having extreme abdominal issues, that frankly, you don’t want me to get into. I stopped the drinks completely.

So jump to present:
Almost a year no drinking,
7000+ steps daily
Not 1 pound lost
Still 40+ pounds heavier
Still causes fatigue at times
Sometimes to the point that I could
fall asleep/have fallen asleep.
Still have boating
Still have random abdominal pain

Getting an endoscope tomorrow.
If I discover anything new tomorrow I’ll be sure to inform you folks.