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ADHD is on a spectrum and they’re suggesting you’re high functioning, which is good. There is an argument that as ADHD medication has side effects and risk, so we high functioning folk should just learn coping mechanisms. Also as funds are tight, talking therapies for ADHD have to go to those that struggle the most, they fast tract such cases. If you do struggle with literacy you’re unlikely to appear on a forum like this. I’ve worked in the NHS and am aware in America they pay way more and get way more, but the danger of assuming the customer is always right medically, is people are often overmedicated or even given the wrong medication because they demanded it. So it’s pros and cons either side of the pond.

But in summary JESSSTAR it’s good news that you are high functioning and have got to University. Keep on the waiting list, but bear in mind you can still access some medication used for ADHD if you have anxiety for example, just off the back of you having anxiety. Also with talking therapies, my Dr said “You’re intelligent, just read the same book the therapists reads and you’ll do fine.” Stay on the waiting list for the formal diagnosis – but that doesn’t mean you can’t do things now to improve your situation. I hope that helps.