Reply To: RSD – my profound discovery


BK101 and susunq we three seem to be a similar age and diagnosed late in life. Let’s form a club.

Hey BK101 so sorry you’re struggling with RSD, I have this although mine doesn’t sound as bad. Mine has eased through therapy, even though the therapy wasn’t directly focusing on RSD. I wouldn’t worry about losing your drive, we ADHD pips have hyperfocus that helps in that respect, also there are many other motivators such as money, status etc… you can focus on. We have active brains, you’ll always need to be doing something. I’m starting to consider taking medication, have you tried ?

SUSUNQ Your point about low self esteem is interesting, because I’ve achieved highly before ADD symptoms started to overpower me, and yet since being too ill to work this last year, those past achievements don’t seem to help self esteem. I was also know as happy go lucky, but as with you, that seems a distant memory. But I do note that others seem to have a much more positive view of me than I do myself, I guess that’s the RSD in part.

Things that have helped:
Walks in nature & exercise.
I often assume I’ve upset someone when I’ve not – so having a sounding board to point that out is helpful.
I found the following suggestions a bit corny, but they do help:
I was told to look at myself in the mirror every morning and compliment myself.
Count your blessings each day (my Amazon echo reminds me to do this each day)
Write down a list of achievements and read them back

Any other suggestions ? But in answer to your question BK101 I would consider therapy, it’s helped me. Also having friends to rationalist, because ADD can make a small problem very big- my friends point out it’s not so bit really.