Reply To: RSD – my profound discovery


So true. Unfortnately, I can relate to how you feel and the struggles and unbearable pain of RSD. Prepare yourself for what’s to come.🤦‍♀️ All my life others always considered me that “Happy go Lucky”,FuNNy AND..
“Life of the party” friend. THEN..Shortly after turning 50 (& AFTER more than 10 yrs of being treated for anxiety and depression) with NO positive results, my doctor referred me to a Board Certified Psychiatrist who provided indepth evaluations, before he officially diagnosed me with adult ADD. I was diagnosed with “Combined ADD” which clearly explained the “emotional issues” Id been struggling with. Once he started treating me for ADD it was then discovered I also had every trait of RSD which explained my NO SELF ESTEEM (much of that relates to my childhood) RSD is one of the biggest struggles I deal with that relate to my Emotional issues. (In fact, it was the ANGER responsible for my 6 wk inpatient hospitalization) Bottom line? That person people once viewed me as, is now history and no longer exist. THE reason for that is due to the STIGMA society places on us who DO STRUGGLE DAILY with adult ADD! SO..Naturally I discovered the only way (for me) to AVOID being hurt by ignorant remarks from others is to shut down physically and emotional! Clearly for’s easier to categorize us with the “STIGMA” society places with us who struggle daily with a invisible disability. Good Luck and more importantly..
Keep on being YOU..( can do like me and hide in your own box)🤦‍♀️
StaYSafE 😷