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Heaven knows I’m lonely, I’m always lonely as I’m alone almost all the time. No family left (at least that I communicate with) and few friends. I’m 68 years old, and yet, I’m new to the diagnoses. My Bachelor’s is in special ed and I’ve taught ADHD, and I did suspect I have ADHD. Heaven knows I’m distractible as heck! (I burn every pot I get my hands on!) But I also have C-PTSD and have blamed pretty much all my symptoms on that. It’s only since I began watching the webinars here that I’ve realized the ADHD probably did come first.

I’ve never had any really healthy relationships, especially what could be called romantic ones. But I just started seeing an old boyfriend and we’re actually talking for the first time ever. Twelve years ago we dated, sort of, and then moved in together. Almost to the day, my mother had a major stroke and that’s when everything really fell apart. I really want one good relationship before my life is over. I’ve failed at everything I’ve tried, and according to my ACE score I’ve outlived my life expectancy by 15 years…. and the other day I read that ADHD also takes years off a person’s life?

He has expressed concern that my ADHD is more than he can handle. I get so angry and frustrated…..and that is probably why I’m so alone and have always been alone. But we are talking. ;(