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Wow..🤔and here I’ve been thinking I was the ONLY ONE who continues to be “MisUnderStooD” by EVERYONE!
In addition to that..I always end up getting taken advantage of by aLL my (so called) friends! the word “NO” was not in my vocabulary up until the last year or so. These “so called friends” would even STEAL from me and when I questioned them, I was always told “you have ADD so YOU probably just lost it!” I put up with this far too long and regret I did since nearly aLL my friendships are beyond fractured! SO Ive come to realize it just HURTS too much to CARE so a couple years ago discovered the ONLY Way to avoid being hurt/used/criticized misunderstood/ etc., was when I decided to STOP saying “I’m Sorry” about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that went wrong. It seemed like anything that went WRONG was ALWAYS my fault I’ve also discovered the ONLY way to AVOID being BLAMED for whatever goes to “hide in my box” due to hurtful past experiences. Sadly, I made a decision to (both) physically and emotionally “SHUT DOWN” from the outside world. I’ve LEARNED it HURTS too damn much to CARE! Sadder than that is…ONCE UPON a TIME, I was ALWAYS known as the funny, outgoing,”life of the party” free spirited type and NOW I dont want to talk and/or SEE anyone! It’s only a reminder those “so called friends” did nothing but take advantage of my kindness AND my ADD!..SO…Yep I’m lonely and MY biggest WISH would be for folks to take a little time and EDUCATE themselves on how hard We Struggle living with ADD daily not to mention how much we WISH people can realize we too are human. Our brains are just wired differently BUT🤔that doesnt mean YOU CAN’T accept us just”as we are” and MORE Importantly TRY to UNDERSTAND us😏
IF their “TIME” is too valuable to take to EDUCATE themselves on adult ADD..they are MORE than WELCOME to walk a day in MY shoes!”🥴😏😖🤫