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So yesterday morning I called MedWatch, which I BEG WITH ALL MY HEART each and every one of you do! The man was really nice. He said to please urge all of you to do an online form or call the number and speak to him. I left a message and he called back 2 minutes later.
I found out original brand names do all of the expensive trials, so they have exclusive rights for a certain number of years. When generics can come into the mix, they are NOT tested by the FDA. They submit an application SAYING they are brand equivalent in active ingredient doing the same as brand. So no testing is done until enough people complain about a drug.
When I looked up the actual makeup of the Northstar Adderall I was given, one of the inactive ingredients is also used in household cleaners! This medicine was taken Saturday and Sunday morning ONLY and I developed a skin rash, fell asleep sitting up 4 times just during a blink, made me unable to hold my eyes all the way open, which didn’t matter because my eyes were so blurry.
I called the FDA and asked them legally can I get a new script because I had just gotten one and it would show on the Prescription Management Program. She said the PMP is not for the reason to prevent refills. It’s just to record medications as given to patients and when. So I called my doctor, they escribed a new one to another pharmacy and they filled it for me. No problems.
LANNETT is a marketing company who partnered with SunGen last year. SunGen still makes the medication, just under the name of LANNETT. Here’s the article, but just google “Lannett merges with SunGen” and look at all of the times they’ve been in trouble.

And again, please call MedWatch and report your meds!!!