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You’re not alone… I have been researching this for close to a month now to find any information regarding this phenomenon or stories similar to my own. My personal experience has been that the fatigue I have experienced post Covid has been much worse than the virus itself.

My current medication and dosage (adderall XR, 30 mg) has always worked for me as long as I paid close attention to my diet, exercise, and sleep schedule. Before Covid, I had never experienced any recognizable issues with my medication or current dosage.

Post Covid, I immediately realized that my body had become unresponsive to my medication. I originally believed that this was due to post viral fatigue. After consulting with my physician I took a short break (2 weeks) to really focus on recovery and returning to my daily routine pre-Covid. Afterwards, my energy levels completely returned and in many ways I am now healthier than I was prior to falling ill.

However, I’m months removed from recovering from the virus and still not responding to any medication or dosage whatsoever. I am also struggling with symptoms that I have personally never had much of an issue with in the past.

I know how disheartening this has been for myself, and I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing something similar.