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My psych was arrested for a misdemeanor and NO chain pharmacy is filling his scripts “because they don’t have to.” So I ended up with this crappy NorthStar yellow pill that has put me to sleep both mornings, made me angry as hell, and made me hate the world.
Last year I researched generics after getting Malincrodkt, which made me sick. They are not the same.
Teva is most equivalent to brand. Nothing else. It’s all bad.
In a 30 mg tablet, you get 18 mg of medication. The rest is binder. The peak is 3 hours, and by that 3rd hour, you urinate 25% of the medication.
In a 20 mg tablet, you get 12 mg.
I can’t believe the pharmacies have done this to all of us in this area. He’s one of the few doctors we even have, and they won’t fill his prescriptions. I’m so sick of this system. It’s not an opioid, people. It’s a necessary-to-function medication!