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ADHD in women is more likely to be overlooked. That’s a fact. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety as a teenage girl. I only realized that I have ADHD when I was 22. But when I look back, I had the signs and symptoms all along. The symptoms of ADHD do escalate after trauma but they are there all along. Try to remember if you had symptoms in your childhood and specially as a young adult (ages 18 to early 20s).

Also these self tests help a lot:

Just keep in mind that all of us in this forum are somehow engaged with ADHD and someone told me once that once we’re diagnosed with ADHD we see the symptoms every where.

You could have ADHD. You could also not. Don’t get too hung up on the idea. The self tests in ADDITUDE can help a lot. But you can’t be sure until a professional diagnoses you with ADHD. In the meantime just remember that whether you have ADHD or not, anxiety makes everything worse. Remember what a badass you are and trust me, tough times shall pass and will leave you with an empowering memory of how you managed to survive and thrive.