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I have a 7yr old son with textbook combined ADHD & ODD. My 8yr old daughter was diagnosed with the same by our pediatrician in June, then last week UNdiagnosed by the child psychiatrist even though Sam seems to have textbook symptoms of ODD. My kids have lead me to alot of reading and thinking that I may have it as well (and I’m quite sure my hubby does as well given all I’ve heard of his childhood & what I’ve lived with for 17yrs). My memory sucks BAD (always has), I’m a daydreamer (always have been), I’m a scatterbrain, always misplacing or losing things. My hubby or 16yr old tells me things to my face and I forget in seconds – I’m accused of not listening. I was always a good student, no issues. Shy, kind of withdrawn with only a few friends. I can get easily distracted. My poor memory and “careless” mistakes sometimes affect my job making me feel worthless and bad. My boss never scolds or belittles – just makes me aware to learn from my mistakes. My anxiety was so bad at my last job that my memory basically shut down and I ended up just quitting (in fairness it was a high stress position). I’m 45 and kind of afraid to ask my Dr. Like you, I don’t want her to think I’m a hypocondriac just because my kid(s) have ADHD. Maybe I just have too much on my plate with working FT, taking care of my family, and everyday stresses (finances, etc). However, the above mentioned has been ongoing for many, many years.
To you I’d suggest making a list of questions and symptoms to discuss with your Dr.
Does anyone have any advice for me? Lol. I feel like the older I get the worse things get. Emotional irregulation is an issue alot as well; especially dealing with the kids(s) ODD which is very frustrating and exhausting.
Thanks for letting me ramble and go all over the map. Lol ✌️