Reply To: Speech Issues


I get it. I slip up all the time and my other half feels like it is on purpose and a bad habit. He feels if I mess up its because I’m playing games or not caring about speaking to where he has to ask me questions. I feel like I’m being criticized every time I slip up and he feels like I’m breaking promises because I apologized for not getting my words right and he thinks that I’m not doing anything about it. Quite the opposite. Every day since I was 5 I have had known speech issues. I never could get my words out right then and now as an adult I was diagnosed with inattentive add. He thinks it’s me not wanting to fix my issue every time. He says I’m not doing anything about it and he is the one in the receiving end. He says I don’t take the blame for a bad habit and I tell me please stop. I feel like I’m being put down and criticized every time and when I express this, he gets mad and says I’m putting the blame on him instead. He is the one that has to deal with my burden and I can’t make it right well enough. I’m always failing and have since I was younger. I went to the doctor,I’m in cognitive counselling, I write things out for work so won’t slip up there. I’m trying my best and want to do better. I really do and he doesn’t see it. I love him with all my heart. When things get heated I have a hard time controlling my anger and I make bad decisions like keeping it going even in front of a boss. I did apologize for that and he thinks it’s fake and only for the pay check and it truly isn’t. He said I wasn’t sorry for starting in before that because I won’t admit to my bad habit which I already know I have I know I’m working on it and he says I’m not. I feel like I’m an idiot and can’t do anything right. I even got so mad and said it was over. He thinks that is what I wanted to say all this time and it isn’t. The anger, not understanding or even letting me share with him because I feel like I can’t share at that point about my issues and all. My heart is so broken because I love him and I wish with all my heart that he would see that.