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@markymark, three months to find your ideal dose is pretty good. I’m 51, diagnosed 6 months ago, and still haven’t found that. I had a treatment interruption when my psychiatrist left, and my GP tried to manage my meds. After convincing him that I needed a specialist because of drug interactions & uncertain side effects, he gave me a referral to a new psychiatrist, but with the current medical situation in Alberta, I’m still waiting.

One caution: If lisdexamphetamine (Vyvanse) affects your quality of sleep, your doc may prescribe quetiapene (Seroquel). Sleep aid is a common but off-label use for quetiapene, and it has a few common side effects that can make it undesirable, such as orthostatic hypotension: low blood pressure when standing up. For me it was so bad, I’d nearly pass out unless I focused on standing up slowly.

, a lot of people are wary of being on medication regularly, but for a neurochemical imbalance, medication creates the situation that ‘normal’ people have already. Not being on medication is kind of like your brain putting you on harmful medication. I hope that makes sense; for me, medication has made a huge difference, even if I am still tweaking the dose.