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Hi everybody,

It appears my perspective/personal opinion may be completely in the minority with the generic manufacturer Lannett. This is for XR not IR.

I am prescribed (45) 30 mg XR Lannett per month for my ADHD-PI for approx 6 mos now. I have been prescribed both XR & IR (mostly XR) for about 10 years or so now.
And during this 10 years Vyvanse was included for about 2 years. Vyvanse caused more anxiety by far than Adderall XR anecdotally, and typically I read and hear the opposite.

Now to my point. Lannett Adderall XR surprised me in the best possible way, as it has been clearly the best XR I have taken which has been many manufacturers.

I use Kroger pharmacy and the prior XR Kroger and Walgreens provided where I’m located was Impax (hopefully spelled correctly).

It took a while to get used to Lannett XR because that intense feeling I was used to receiving which really isn’t a good thing was not there / which made me wonder If it was working at all.

Indeed it was working, and working very well-and still is. The come-up is quicker…as I feel a calmness take place within about 30 minutes or less as I take it 7:00am-ish each morning on an empty stomach with plenty of water.
I do take other supplements along with it, some before and some after. It’s your typical supplements most are aware of with ADHD. Magnesium & zinc are the two primary ones.

And the kicker is it gives me a good solid 8 hours ADHD relief-for lack of a better word-if not a little longer, and I have a high metabolism. I receive excellent focus, no euphoria-which went away many many years ago, and no side effects to speak of whatsoever.

Now Lannett’s IR could be a totally different feel/story if you will, as when I was taking IR I always received Teva, and it did its job. I just personally like a steady dose which Lannett’s XR provides with zero ebb’s & flows.

Kudos to Lannett for this guy.
And keep in mind each and every one of us respond independently to our own body composition’s in regards to any medication, supplement, FOOD etc etc etc.

And of course that’s based on many factors including genetics, lifestyle, diet, exercise, sleep habits, hydration, and that list goes on and on and on as well.

Thank you very much / y’all take care.