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My son is 10-years-old and was diagnosed at about 5, we tried Adderall which was fantastic ….at first. Then we tried to Strattera, which was a nightmare, he was cranky, aggressive, and hyper-emotional. I decided to forgo medicine for about a year or so because he was exhausted and overwhelmed. I figured he needed a “cleanse” so to speak. It was ROUGH. We moved onto Concerta, and have been on Concerta for about 2-3 years now, and it’s the only medication that seems to work, he is still my boy on it, some days he doesn’t sleep the best, but, I attribute most of that to 2020 and the never-ending emotional rollercoaster we’ve all been on. We did take a small break from Concerta and tried Vyvanse, and it was terrible, took hours to kick in, when it did finally kick in, it barely worked. Concerta has consistently worked.
I have found, with eating, if I offer my son food, he will claim he is not “hungry” if I put food in front of him, he eats! I give him his medicine after breakfast, and I make sure he gets a large breakfast. I think most children with ADHD, their preoccupied and if they are doing something they like, they will forgo eating (and everything else lol) because they can’t pry themselves away from it. Sleeping, some days he sleeps great, other days, not so much. Keeping a consistent routine helps, when he goes to his dad’s house, it throws off his cycle, and it’s like I have to reprogram it when he returns. I also found a meditation CD, that he listens to at bedtime, and it helps calm him down, as well as this galaxy light ceiling display that seems to zen him out as well, no electronics/tv 30 minutes to an hour before bed. We occasionally use Olly sleeping pills. Being a Mom to a kid with ADHD is no joke, but rest assured you’re not alone in the struggle! Hang in there 🙂