Reply To: Body Donation


Hi SCrapDaddy,

I nearly fell off my chair when I saw your topic about Body Donation!
I thought I was the only one who thought like that/
My deal is that thanks to a brain tumor removed at age eight, I have only half a cerebellum, which seems to cause hell with my executive functioning, not to mention a host of coordination and balance problems. I am 60(?!) and will always be 27 in my mind.
But the reality of my age has made me wonder, as you do, about donating my brain for research.
At least I could possibly accomplish that much in the last bit of my lifetime. (I was diagnosed ADHD at 50, but due to a psych who retired, and no money or insurance, so no ADHD meds, I am a big, fat ADHD mess right about now).

I wish I could tell you how to go about donating your brain to research. I don’t know, but I am betting it is very likely you could do that, and be a big help to science. My thoughts on it were that I would just email some of the people who really understand ADHD, present them with the situation, and see what happens from there. I’m sure the ADHD experts get a zillion emails, but if we’re lucky, we’ll nab one who is interested/ Was thinking Daniel Amen, Edward Hallowell..

Good Luck, and if you find out something, please post here about it!

Great brains think alike!!